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Not so long ago I had an adventure.  I was dozing on my Win Perch when a strange man entered the kitchen.  After one look at his shifty eyes and false beard I was sure he was up to no good.  Look at him.  Would you trust this man?



I think that this must have been a birdie kidnapping.  I'm not sure if he was intending on keeping me or eating me but I wasn't about to find out.

I attacked!  Fists are no match for a strong beak and sharp claws.  Within seconds I had managed to rip his clothes off and had him on the defensive.



After that it was easy.  A few quick bites to the jugular and it was over.  But now I had to decide what to do with the body.  The simplest way of hiding it was to eat it.  So that's what I did.  You can see me wolfing down his liver.  It was really tasty.