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I am Uncle Bob and I'm eleven years old.  

I was adopted at Christmas 1992 and brought to New York City.  You might think it's a strange place for an African Grey Parrot to live but I have my kitchen with my High Perch, my Stink Perch and my Win(dow) Perch and the latter is where I spend most of my time.  

I've always loved destroying things.  Cardboard boxes are easy, Brazil nuts are even more fun and provide hours of entertainment.  They are all toys and are meant to be broken, the faster the better.  

Of course I do make mistakes occasionally.  My Stink Perch (Sink Perch) is a branch attached to a faucet by nylon ties.  I discovered that I can cut through the nylon using this can-opener I have at the front of my face.  But then I got the shock of my life when the perch (and yours truly with it) clattered into the sink with a crash and a loud squawk.  I must try and remember not to undercut my own branches.  

Have a look around these pages and see a bit of my world.

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