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As you can see from this head shot, I'm a handsome, subtly colored (greyed?) and truly delightful member of the family.  I weigh about a pound and a half, I'm about ten inches tall so I'm a little on the big side for an African Grey.  Of course, the girls all love me.  Carla, another African Grey really dotes on me but I don't have much time for girls right now, far too much preening and sleeping to do.

I have a bright red tail just to add a splash of color.  I can fan it out for you to admire.  Aren't I cute?

I'm pretty much an omnivore.  I like to start the day by having my feet washed and then a little polenta for breakfast.  Then, when my parents go out to work, it's time for a nap.  Doze and snack, that's my day.  For snacks I have fruits, salad, pasta, polenta, cheese and other delicacies with a strong seed chaser and some apple juice to wash it all down. 

Once the family is back from work I'd better be the center of attention or there'll be trouble.  I like to be petted on the back of the head and then, when I've had enough, I'll whirl round and see if I can draw a little blood just for the fun of it.