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Ever since I was a little I've loved listening to and enhancing the sounds in the world around me.  

One of the most delightful sounds I've ever heard is the burglar alarm in my kitchen.  Every time someone opens the door it chirps out a distinctive beep-beep sound.  I could just copy the sound of the burglar alarm, and I did when I was young, but it's more fun now.  I've amplified it just a little so that it can be heard a whole city block away.  It's great for annoying people.  

There is a more serious side to this though, click on the pictures below to hear part of my repertoire.

Bob Bobbie's Smart
Happy Birthday Wanna Come Up
Carla Growl
Water Lobster
Don't Worry Sneeze
Wanna Watch TV Let's Watch TV Come Up On Your Foot
Where's Bob? Cut Toenail