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I've been a traveler since the day I was adopted.  I hatched in the middle of 1992 near Albany and just before Christmas my adoptive father came to get me.  During the long ride to New York City I was introduced to the phrase "Don't worry, Bob."  For the first time I understood that don't worry can be roughly translated as "Be afraid, be very afraid."

But since the occasion of that first car trip I've become a seasoned traveler.  I've been to Chicago and San Francisco by plane (that's pretty noisy and I have to stay in my travel house under my father's seat and keep very quiet).  I've been to Boston by car (boy it really takes it out of me hanging onto my perch for hours at a time).

One of the places I go to most often is Jersey City, down by the Husdon River.  Over in the City of Jersey City (that's its proper name!) live my aunt and uncle (I call them the Jailors or the Keepers).  They often look after me when my parents travel.  I've been to Jersey City by car, ferry and PATH train though never by myself.

It was in Jersey City that I learned to crack open Brazil nuts and some other neat tricks.  Sometimes when my parents are away I send them email describing my exploits.  If you are not too squeamish you can see sample emails here togther with replies from my father.